Let’s start with Snowminds Apparel! Snowminds Apparel is the only clothing company made by ski and snowboard instructors for ski and snowboard instructors – as well as for all other snow-enthusiasts. Being an Instructor for a season or two is an indescribable experience. But being exposed to the outdoor elements several hours each day, for months, you need the right equipment and gear to feel comfortable and warm.

Snowminds Apparel is dedicated to supporting you with the finest products on the market to a fair price. Our Snowminds Goggles come with several lenses which you can switch in seconds to adapt to changing light conditions on the mountain or our merino wool, also used by the royal Danish army just to name two.

We will go more into detail with those products in the following blog posts, so stay tuned!

Snowminds Store was founded in 2014 as Powderstore, a web-shop specialized in ski and snowboard clothing and gear. Since day one we are dedicated to providing you with the best gear possible for a reasonable price. Our webshop is a place where you can find everything for a ski weekend in Austria, a weeklong ski holiday in France or a powder trip to Japan. In August of 2019, Powderstore was renamed to Snowminds Store.

Finally, we do have a huge surprise coming up soon. To give you a little hint – it involves Snowminds Store and Snowminds Apparel. Hyped?! Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when we unveil the surprise. Enjoy your day and keep on shredding. ⛷