The Snowminds Goggles come with three different lenses for perfect visibility in any condition, no matter what. Furthermore, all lenses have UV400 and anti fog, so cleaning your inner lens because you cannot see anything anymore belongs to the past.


The pink lens is as well as the mirror lens is made for sunny weather, the magic lens should be used for cloudy and snowy weather conditions. Snowminds Goggles are coming with an advanced magnetic lens system. That way, you change your lens faster than any weather conditions in the mountain; and believe me those can change very fast.

Last but not least, Snowminds goggles are coming in a hard case to protect your precious baby from harsh travel environments. Plus, the goggles themselves and each of the lenses are inside a microfiber bag which prevents the lenses and goggles from scratching inside the travel box. The microfiber bag can also be used to clean the lenses from dust or dirt. So.. Are you intrigued? Then check it out here!


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