But first things first, what is merino wool and what makes it so unique?

Merino is a special sort of wool coming from the merino sheep. Besides wool's typical characteristics such as being warm, durable, water repellent and naturally insulating, merino wool is also a lot softer, absorbs moisture away from the body, and is odor resistant. Yes, you're reading this right, merino wool is not getting stinky!

No matter how much you've been sweating while conquering the mountains, you are going to smell as fresh as the latest Chanel perfume (if you own one) when taking off your jacket. And since the fabric is so fine, merino wool products are not scratchy at all, no matter how sensitive your skin is.

Snowminds merino wool comes from sheep located in New Zealand and all our merino wool products are getting manufactured in Denmark. When wearing it, you will feel like the kings and queens on snow! Why? Fun fact: the same company is also producing uniforms for the Danish Royal Army!

So if that does not convince you about its quality and durability, what else will? Sounds pretty cool right? Then check out our Merino Ski Underwear Set and our Merino Neck Gaitors!


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